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2014 Expedition Reports

Where possible, new reports, and a selection of their pictures, will be added to the website. Click on the Expedition Name to see the report.

ID Date Expedition Name Unit Location, Type
1747 Oct 'Tiger: Khumbu Warrior' 1 & 3 Royal Welsh Khumbu Region, Nepal, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1745 Oct 'Mullerthal Trail' Colstons School CCF Luxemburg, Mountaineering
1726 Oct 'Vietnam Venturer' 2391 (Parkstone) Sqn ATC Vietnam, Canoeing/Rock Climbing/Trekking
1703 Oct 'Cadet Rock' CCAT Calpe, Southern Spain, Rock Climbing
1665 Oct 'Northern Venturer Jebel-Tarik' Calday Grange CCF RN Gibraltar, Canoeing/Rock Climbing
1638 Oct 'Kalokaths Cadet Venture' Oldham Hulme GS CCF Nepal - Everest Base Camp Trek, Trekking
1598 Oct 'Jingling Geordie' George Heriots School CCF Lake District, Rock Climbing
1736 Sep 'Black Gendarme' Tri Service Nepal - Makalu, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1734 Sep 'Parbet Tiger' Army Mountaineering Association (AMA) Nepal, Sola Kumbu Region, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1721 Sep 'Northern Blue Merlin' ATU NE Spain, Lanzarote, Puerto Del Carmen, Diving
1699 Sep 'Northern Tatra Serpent' 208 Field Hospital Tatra Mountains, Poland, Trekking
1566 Sep 'Northern Phoenix Atlas' 5 Military Intelligence Morocco High Atlas, Mountaineering/Trekking
1562 Sep 'Black Gendarme' Tri Service Nepal - Makalu, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1735 Aug 'Cockney Yeoman Solero' Royal Yeomanry Mallorca, Tramuntana Mountains, Trekking
1733 Aug 'Arctic Express' Manchester UOTC Iceland to Greenland, Offshore Sailing
1723 Aug 'Icelandic Adventure' 4 Rmp Iceland (Scaftafell, Vatnajokull, Porksmork), Trekking, Mountaineering
1718 Aug 'Snowdonia Cadet' Southern Area Sea Cadets Snowdonia, Misc
1717 Aug 'Zulu Kingdom' West Mercian Wing ATC South Africa - Kwazulu, Trekking, Misc
1713 Aug 'Highland Fling' 46F Kensington ATC Aviemore, Canoeing/Mountaineering/Rock Climbing
1710 Aug 'Tiger Venturer Icelandic Explorer' West Buckland School CCF Iceland, Trekking
1702 Aug 'Bavarian Wanderer' Tayforth UOTC Bavaria, Multi
1697 Aug 'Ice Dragon' Wales UOTC Iceland - (The Laugavegur Trail), Mountaineering (Summer)
1694 Aug 'Yorkshire Stallion' 4 Yorks Ascension Island, Diving
1690 Aug 'Snowdon Polar' C Battery, Nottinghamshire ACF Snowdonia, Mountaineering, Trekking
1685 Aug 'Dragon Condor EMU' East Midlands UOTC Bolivian Andes, Mountaineering
1684 Aug 'Dragon Formigal' 37 Signal Regt (V) Spanish Pyrenees , Trekking
1675 Aug 'Rip Curl' City of Liverpool SCC- TS Mersey Holy Island, Angelesey, Misc
1671 Aug 'Peninsular Cadet ' Oakham School CCF Spain - Central: Salamanca, Sierra De Gredos, Talavera, Trekking
1647 Aug 'Vulcan EMU' East Midlands UOTC Iceland, Trekking
1642 Aug 'Dragon Deep Blue' Cambridge UOTC Belize, Glovers Reef, Diving
1627 Aug 'Dragon Venturer Cathedral Pyrenean' Hereford Cathedral School CCF Spanish Pyrenees, Trekking
1615 Aug 'OYT West Coast Challenge' HQ Air Cadets Scotland - West Coast, Offshore Sailing
1614 Aug 'Canadian Odysey' HQ Cadet Centre for AT Canada, Banff National Park, Rock Climbing
1603 Aug 'Northern Viking Trek Venturer' Morrisons Academy CCF Hardangervidda Plateau, Norway, Cycling, Trekking
1592 Aug 'Operation Vertex' 2344 (Longbenton) ATC Pyrenees, Sahorre, Mountaineering (Summer)
1570 Aug 'Northern Aoraki Serpent' Fd Hosps New Zealand, Tekapo & Wanaka, Ski touring
1712 Jul 'Swiss Adventure' 2530 (Uckfield) Sqn & 461 (Chichester) Sqn ATC Swiss Alps, Iinterlaken, Mountaineering /Trekking
1711 Jul 'Ice and Fire' Essex Wing ATC Iceland Interior, Trekking
1695 Jul 'Jacobite Journey - Loch Shiel' Marine Society & Sea Cadets Paddlesport Team Scotland, Loch Shiel, Moidart, Canoeing
1691 Jul 'Celtic Discovery' Chorley Sea Cadets Glasgow to Bangor, Offshore Sailing
1686 Jul 'Ibex EMU (Dragon)' East Midlands UOTC Saas Fee, Chamonix, Mountaineering (Alpine)
1683 Jul 'Cabot Seahorse' Bristol UOTC Malta, Gozo, Diving
1679 Jul 'Alpine Challenge' Wycliffe College CCF Otztaler, Austria, Mountaineering (Alpine)
1666 Jul 'Polypus' Northumbria ACF Gozo, Malta, Diving
1661 Jul 'Pyrenees Pursuit' Birmingham UOTC France - GR10, Mountaineering
1657 Jul 'Northern Dolomites' Leeds UOTC Dolomites, Rock Climbing/Trekking
1656 Jul 'Acorn Adventure' 218 Rotherham Sqn Ardres, France, Multi
1653 Jul 'Highland Dragon Venturer' Staffordshire & W Midlands ACF Scottish Highlands, Canoeing/Mountaineering/Rock Climbing
1648 Jul 'Northern Kenyan Venturer' ACF and CCF Kenya - Mt Kenya, Trekking
1643 Jul 'Northern Rocky Mountain Venturer' Misc ACF, ATC Canada, Rockies, Mountaineering/Trekking
1639 Jul 'Hawaiian Saunter Venturer' Liverpool College CCF Big Island Hawaii, Trekking
1636 Jul 'Trek Pyrenees' 633 (W Swindon) Sqn ATC Pyrenees, Trekking
1626 Jul 'Alps' 1034 (Surbiton) Sqn ATC Switzerland, Vallais, Trekking
1621 Jul 'Canpaddy Finn' RTC - NI Canada, Trails End Camp, Canoeing
1559 Jul 'Northumbrian Seria' Northumbria ACF Brunei, Jungle Training
1688 Jun 'Clearwater Down' East Midlands UAS Red Sea, Diving
1680 Jun 'Northern Curach' 32 Signal Regt (V) Norway, Canoeing
1674 Jun 'Ex-scaffold Tower' Colstons School CCF Scafell Pike, Mountaineering (Summer)
1664 Jun 'Northern Alpenglow' Glasgow UOTC Northern Alps., Mountaineering (Alpine)
1662 Jun 'Tall Ships Challenger' Selly Oak Trust School CCF RN Portsmouth, Offshore Sailing
1655 Jun 'Somme Dragon Hike' Rossett Platoon, Somme, Ypres, Trekking
1650 Jun 'Bolivian Venture' Multiple RAF Bolivia/Peru - Northern Apolobamba Range, Andes, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1618 Jun 'Austria' 870, 2466 , 1756, 869, 383, 38F Sqn ATC Austria - Wetterstein, Mountaineering, Other
1616 Jun 'Finn Alpine Adventure' Queens UOTC France , Les-Gets, Biking, Hill Walking
1607 Jun 'Cocoon Finn' 152 TPT Regt RLC Alora, Spain, Mountaineering (Summer)
1593 Jun 'Northern Fang' 201 Fd Hosp Fagaras Mountains in Romanian Carpathians, Trekking
1669 May 'Alaskan Bugle' 208 Field Hospital, 1 Rifles, EMUOTC Denali National Park, Alaska, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1668 May 'Atlantic Aquanaut' RAF Waddington / 156 Tpt Regt / 33 Sig Sqn Ascension Islands, Diving
1660 May 'Flanders March' HMS Calliope, Ceres, Scotia Ypres, Trekking
1652 May 'Cadet Paddle' CCAT Loire, France, Canoeing
1632 May 'Northern Black Spoke' 4 Para Spain, Malaga, Mountain Biking
1597 May 'Lochnagar Crater III' Rossett Army Cadets Somme, Trekking
1588 May 'Hebridean Phoenix' 5 Mi Bn West Coast, Scotland, Mountaineering (Summer)/Offshore Sailing
1553 May 'Blue PDG 1-5' Oxford UOTC Alps, France, Italy, Switzerland, Mountaineering (Alpine)
1654 Apr 'Northern Tartan Dive' City of Edinburgh UOTC Cyprus, Sub-aqua
1649 Apr 'Valais Eagle' 144 Parachute Med Sqn, 170 Engr GP RE France, Switzerland, Valais, Mountain Ski Race
1644 Apr 'Doggy Paddle' Southampton OTC Devizes to Westminster, Canoeing
1641 Apr 'Falkland Adventurer' Reeds School CCF Falkland Islands, Trekking
1637 Apr 'Nanuk Pioneer' 23 Pioneer Regt RLC, Sussex ACF Greenland, Liverpool Land, Skiing
1625 Apr 'In the Footsteps of Lawrence' 2427 (Biggin Hill) Sqn ATC Southern Jordan, Trekking
1623 Apr 'Equator Adventure' 4 Yorks, 65 Works Group, EMUAS, 8 Fld Coy (Para) REME Ascension Island, Diving
1617 Apr 'Sharp Edge' Ampleforth College CCF Lake District,
1602 Apr 'Dragon Puig Campana Blue' Cambridge UOTC Spain, Costa Blanca, Rock Climbing
1590 Apr 'Dragon Venturer Essrock' Essex ACF Gibraltar, Misc
1576 Apr 'Welsh Dragon' 82 Sqn ATC Elan Valley, Wales, Trekking
1567 Apr 'Ardeche Dragon Ventura' Ratcliffe College CCF Ardeche, S France, Canoeing
1533 Apr 'Peruvian Cat' 101 (City of London) Eng Regt Peru, Cordillera Blanca, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1640 Mar 'Neptune Serpent' 2 Med Bde Maldives, Diving
1624 Mar 'Selva Backstop' Morrisons Academy CCF Hardangervidda, Norway, Skiing
1620 Mar 'Finn Sappersoaker' 591 Indep Fd Sqn RE Gibraltar, Diving
1601 Mar 'Selva Backstop' HQ ARRC. Devon ACF Norway, Hardanger Vidda, Skiing
1599 Mar 'Northern Jacobite Venturer' Giggleswick School CCF Fort William To Dalwhinnie, Mountaineering (Winter)
1589 Mar 'Drakensberg Duke' 4 Lancs Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, Trekking, Rafting
1581 Mar 'Blue Tour' Oxford UOTC Italy (Adamello & Ortler), Mountaineering (Alpine)/Skiing
1577 Mar 'Atlantic Endeavour' Cambridge University Air Sqn Ascension Island, Mid Atlantic, Diving
1565 Mar 'Telemark Eagle' Cambridge Univeristy Air Squadron Norway, Skiing
1535 Mar 'CCF RM 350' CCF, RN /RM (cadets) UK & Norway, Offshore Sailing
1398 Mar 'Cockney Arctic Odyssey' Combined Sweden - The Kungsleden Trail, Skiing
1583 Feb 'Winter Venturer Tiger' Royal Grammar School, Guildford, CCF Bavaria, Skiing
1582 Feb 'Alpine Adventure' South West Region ATC Bavaria, Skiing
1580 Feb 'Winter Thistle' HQ Air Cadets Scotland - Lochaber, Glen Coe, Mountaineering (Winter)
1578 Feb 'Cadet Odyssey 2' HQ Cadet Centre for AT Germany - Ober Allgau, Skiing
1575 Feb 'Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger' Canford School , Wellington College CCFs Norway, Hovden (Hardangervidda), Cross-country skiing
1573 Feb 'Cadet Odyssey 1' HQ Cadet Centre for AT Germany - Ober Allgau, Skiing
1555 Feb 'Cadet Ice' Cadet Centre for AT Rjukan, Norway, Ice climbing
1548 Feb 'Lincs Ski' Lincolnshire ACF Folgarida - Italy, Skiing
1540 Feb 'Dragon Venturer Ski' Derbyshire ACF Waidring, Austria, Skiing
1521 Feb 'Norwegian Troll' Calday Grange Grammar School CCF Norway: Hovden, Setesdal, Winter survival
1484 Feb 'Viking Ski' Loretto School CCF Setesdal Norway, Skiing
1318 Feb 'Writhlington Allgau' Writhlington School CCF Allgau, Bavaria, Skiing
1584 Jan 'Snowfox' FANY (Princess Royals Volunteer Corps) France, Val d Isere, Skiing
1542 Jan 'Crystal Dragon' 3 Royal Welsh N Cairngorms, Scotland, Mountaineering (Winter)
1541 Jan 'Caribbean Wings' 217 Fd Sqn (EOD) Leeward Islands, Offshore Sailing
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