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2012 Expedition Reports

Where possible, new reports, and a selection of their pictures, will be added to the website. Click on the Expedition Name to see the report.

ID Date Expedition Name Unit Location, Type
1382 Dec 'Dragon Venturer Falklands' Oakham School CCF Falkland Islands, Trekking
1300 Nov 'Ogwen Dragon Venturer' Lordswood CCF Snowdonia, Multi Activity
1349 Oct 'Padi Adventure' Monkton Combe School CCF Gozo, Malta, Diving
1330 Oct 'Northern Freedom Trail' Oldham Hulme GS CCF Midi Pyrenees - France & Spain, Trekking
1314 Oct 'Offshore' TS Coventry Sea Cadets English Channel, Offshore Sailing
1309 Oct 'Dragon Berber' 37 Signal Rgt (V) Morocco, Trekking
1296 Oct 'Northern Venture Caldian Rock' Calday Grange CCF Gibraltar, Misc
1270 Oct 'Kalapathar Tiger' 3PWRR (reservist) Everest Base Camp, Nepal, Trekking
1357 Sep 'Spanish Gold' Durham ACF Spanish Pyrenees, Trekking
1348 Sep 'Tiger Trail' Southampton UOTC Normandy, Mountain Biking
1347 Sep 'Spinnaker Serpent' 2 Med Brigade Solent, Offshore Sailing
1346 Sep 'Cockney Alta Via' 256 (City of London) Field Hospital (V) Italian Dolomites, Trekking
1343 Sep 'Ja Strokers' University Of Wales Air Sqn Canada, Petawawa River, Algonquin, Canoeing
1325 Sep 'Fire Tiger' Exeter UOTC Ascension Island, Diving
1307 Sep 'Blue Ecrins' Oxford University OTC France, Ecrins, Rock Climbing/Trekking
1303 Sep 'Venzone Dragon' 3 Royal Welsh Italian Dolomites, Mountaineering
1290 Sep 'Cockney Deep Blue' HQ London District Fuerteventura, Diving
1254 Sep 'Himalayan Sapper' 299 Para Sqn Royal Engineers (V) Nepal, Mountaineering
1245 Sep 'Ironpath Finn' 152 (Ulster) Transport Regt RLC Germany, Austria, Mountaineering
1225 Sep 'Alpine EMU' EM UOTC Aosta Valley & Chamonix, Mountaineering
1358 Aug 'Odyssey 12' Tri-service cadets Brecon Beacons, Multi
1345 Aug '3 Peaks Challenge' SE London ACF Ben Nevis, Scafell & Snowdon, Hill walking
1337 Aug 'Cockney Venturer Invicta' Greater London SE Sector ACF Snowdonia National Park, Canoeing/Rock Climbing/Trekking
1335 Aug 'Indian Tiger' 3 Royal Anglian Indian Himalaya, Mountaineering
1334 Aug 'Maple Tiger' Exeter UOTC Canada, Alberta, Canoeing
1333 Aug 'Introduction to Alpine Mountaineering (IAM)' HQ Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training Alpes Pennie, Switzerland, Mountaineering
1327 Aug 'Calypso Tiger' Bristol University OTC Gozo, Malta, Diving
1324 Aug 'Felix Diamond Jubilee' No 3 Welsh Wing ATC Gibraltar, Diving
1311 Aug 'Illimani Sunrise' East Midlands UOTC Bolivia, Mountaineering
1308 Aug 'West Coast Challenge' HQ Air Cadets Scotland - West Coast, Offshore Sailing
1302 Aug 'Northern Yorkshire Splash' 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regt (TA) Ascension Island, Diving
1301 Aug 'Sigmagic Dragon' 3 Royal Welsh Cyprus, Offshore Sailing
1299 Aug 'Northern Alpine Wanderer' Tayforth UOTC France, Italy, Switzerland, Trekking
1295 Aug 'Dragon Aquila Ascent' 4 Mercian Italy, Mountaineering
1289 Aug 'West Mercian Wing India' West Mercian Wing ATC Ladakh, India , Mountaineering
1269 Aug 'Dragon Staines' Hereford Cathedral CCF Scotland, Mountain Biking
1261 Aug 'Viking Trek' Morrisons Academy CCF Norway, Hardangervidda Plateau, Mountaineering
1248 Aug 'Island Hoppers' Basingstoke Sea Cadets Channel, Boating
1241 Aug 'Shrivenham Dolomia' Thunderer Sqn DTUS Fontinbleau & Cortina, Rock Climbing/Trekking
1235 Aug 'Alpine Rock' London Area Sea Cadets Bavarian Allgau, Multi Activity
1329 Jul 'Northern Dolomite Medics' 212 Field Hospital RAMC(V) Dolomites, Mountaineering
1323 Jul 'Viking Challenge' Wycliffe College CCF Norway, Canoeing
1322 Jul 'Finn SapperSoaker' 591 Indep FS Sqn RE Gibraltar, Diving
1320 Jul 'Broad Reach' FANY (Princess Royals Volunteer Corps) Gibraltar, Offshore Sailing
1315 Jul 'BSES Arctic Odyssey' Woodroffe School CCF Finnmark, N Norway, Mountaineering
1306 Jul 'Alps' 1034 (Surbiton) Sqn ATC Bernese Oberland, Trekking
1288 Jul 'DoE Australia' Warsash Sea Cadets Biddulmun Track Western Australia, Trekking
1287 Jul 'Northern Peak' Liverpool OTC Dolomites, Mountaineering
1285 Jul 'Northern Spanish Steps' Liverpool College CCF Spanish Pyrenees, Trekking
1275 Jul 'Northern Himalaya Venturer' Tri-service Cadets Nepal - Jiri to Kalla Pattar (Everest Viewpoint), Trekking
1265 Jul 'Amazon - Cocama (BSES)' West Buckland School CCF Peru - Cocama, Canoeing/Trekking
1264 Jul 'Arctic Odyssey - Finnmark (BSES)' Canford School CCF Norway (Nuvsvag Peninsular),
1262 Jul 'Bavaria Ascent' 103 Bn REME (V) Bavaria, Canoeing/Trekking
1249 Jul 'Gozo Splash' Cambridge University Air Squadron Malta - Gozo, Diving
1231 Jul 'BSES Arctic Odyssey' ATC 344 (Fulham) Sqn Sorfjorddalen, Norway, Mountaineering/Trekking
1317 Jun 'Windward Wyvern' 155 (Wessex) Tpt Regt RLC(V) UK, Solent, Offshore Sailing
1304 Jun 'Cadet Paddle' HQ Cadet Centre for AT Durance Valley, S France, Canoeing
1294 Jun 'Northern Corse' 38 Sig Regt (V) Corsica GR20, Mountaineering/Trekking
1293 Jun 'Dorset Rock' A Sqn RWxY Gibraltar, Kayaking, Water Activities
1292 Jun 'Golden Sword' North West Officer Training Regt (NM OTR) UK, Cornwall, Multi
1291 Jun 'Phoenix Lakes' 103 FD Sqn (V) Royal Engineers Lake District, Multi
1286 Jun 'Alaskan Adventure' Kent Wing ATC Prince William Sound, Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska, Canoeing/Mountaineering/Trekking
1274 Jun 'Northern Emulous III' Tayforth UOTC France - Vallon Pont DArc, Rock Climbing
1271 Jun 'Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge' Lordswood Boys School CCF USA, Massachusetts, Canoeing/Rock Climbing/Trekking
1255 Jun 'Brittany Wyvern' Royal Wessex Yeomanry UK - Brittany, Offshore Sailing
1252 Jun 'Bolivian Venture' 202 (Midlands) Field Hospital (V) Cordillera Real, Bolivia, Mountaineering
1243 Jun 'Kananaskis Finn' 105 Regt RA (V) Canada - Trails End Camp, Canoeing
1284 May 'Tiger Ventura Nowshera' Gloucestershire ACF - Gloscol Co Ariege, Midi Pyrenees, Multi Activity
1279 May 'Lochnagar Dragon' Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF France, Somme, Restoration
1267 May 'Highland Fling' HMS Sherwood Scottish Highlands, Canoeing/Mountaineering
1206 May 'Northern Drakensberg' 5 RRF(V) Drakensberg, South Africa, Mountaineering (Summer)
1276 Apr 'Eastbourne Unit DofE Gold' Eastbourne Sea Cadets UK, Dartmoor, Trekking
1257 Apr 'Scot-paddle The Great Glen' Marine Society and Sea Cadets Paddlesport Team Fort William To Inverness, Canoeing
1247 Apr 'Toulouse Tiger' Bristol UOTC Pyrenees, Skiing
1238 Apr 'Medsail' 151 (l) Transport Regt, RLC (V) Mediterranean, Offshore Sailing
1224 Apr 'Poseidon Dragon' 3 Royal Welsh Cyprus, Dhekelia Garrison, Canoeing
1268 Mar 'Celtic Breeze' Bristol URNU Rothiemurchas Lodge, Mixed
1260 Mar 'Dark Blue' Oxford URBU Scotland, Trekking
1259 Mar 'Himalayan Dagger' 24 Commando Engineer Regiment Nepal - Annapurna Circuit, Trekking
1239 Mar 'Cadet Ice' Cadet Centre for AT Rjukan, Telemark, Norway., Mountaineering
1233 Mar 'CWA Training Module' Southern Area Sea Cadets - Adventure Training Kent, Rock Climbing
1232 Mar 'Nordic (Tiger) Venturer' Bradfield College CCF Norway, Skiing
1230 Mar 'Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger' Canford School CCF Norway, Skiing touring
1229 Mar 'Heroes of Telemark' Shrewsbury School CCF Norway - Hardangervidda, Skiing
1213 Mar 'Northern Jacobite Venturer' Giggleswick School CCF Cairngorms, Mountaineering
1197 Mar 'Blue Bivio' Oxford University OTC Switzerland, Albula Alps, Skiing
1220 Feb 'Winter Venturer Tiger 6' Royal Grammar School, Guildford CCF Austria / Bavaria, Skiing
1209 Feb 'Skicadet 1, 2.' HQ Cadet Centre for AT Germany, Ober Allgau, Skiing
1208 Feb 'Skicadet 1, 2.' HQ Cadet Centre for AT Germany, Ober Allgau, Skiing
1178 Feb 'Hants Air Cadets Kilimanjaro' Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wing ATC Kilimanjaro, Mountaineering
1174 Feb 'Tanzania' London Wing ATC Tanzania - Ngorongoro Crater, Trekking
1226 Jan 'Long March' Middlesex Wing ATC Poland, Trekking
1210 Jan 'White Centurion' 100 (Yeomanry) Regt RA (V) Austria, Zell Am Ziller, Skiing
1199 Jan 'Caribbean Wings' ULOTC St Lucia, Windward Isles, Offshore Sailing
1192 Jan 'Phoenix Dragon' 101 FS BN REME France - Massif et Park National de la Vanoise, Skiing
1191 Jan 'Dragon White' 104 Regt RA(V) Austria, Mittersill, Skiing
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