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2011 Expedition Reports

Where possible, new reports, and a selection of their pictures, will be added to the website. Click on the Expedition Name to see the report.

ID Date Expedition Name Unit Location, Type
1187 Oct 'Intsail 2011' Intelligence Corps Greece, Offshore Sailing
1179 Oct 'Cadet Rock' HQ Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training Costa Blanca. Spain, Rock Climbing
1177 Oct 'Raleigh Borneo 11K' Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF Sabah, Borneo, Community work
1168 Oct 'Challenge Kenya' Kent Wing ATC Mt Kenya, Maasi Mara, Mountaineering /Trekking
1167 Oct 'Norfolk Dragon Venturer' Norfolk ACF South Africa - Imfolozi Game Reserve, Trekking
1083 Oct 'Tiger Venturer Zenith' Gloucester ACF (the Rifles) Nepal, Annapurna, Trekking
1184 Sep 'Green Finn' 152 (Ulster) Transport Regt (V) Spain Alora, Mountaineering
1180 Sep 'Blue Odin' Liverpool UOTC Germany, Kiel, Offshore Sailing
1164 Sep 'Bavarian Surprise' HMS Hibernia Naval Outdoor Centre, Bavaria, Misc
1162 Sep 'Dragon Mulberry Paddle' 165 Port Regt RLC (V) Canada - Lakeland Provincial Park, Canoeing/Trekking
1161 Sep 'Annapurna Tiger' Exeter UOTC Nepal - Annapurna, Trekking
1149 Sep 'Blue Rock' Oxford University Royal Naval Unit Gibraltar, Diving
1134 Sep 'Phoenix Sub Aqua Cyprus' 160 Transport Regt RLC(V) Cyprus, Diving
1176 Aug 'Uber Eddy' Universities Of Glasgow And Strathclyde Air Squadron Germany - Bavaria, Mountaineering
1170 Aug 'Operation Felix' 2227 (mid Gwendraeth) Sqn, ATC Gibraltar, Diving
1169 Aug 'Summer Camp' Severn District Sea Cadets Edinburgh., Sailing, Multi
1160 Aug 'Dragon Taffy Eagle' C Company, 4 Mercian Wales - Capel Curig, Misc
1157 Aug 'Northern Emulous' Tayforth UOTC France - Ardeche, Rock Climbing
1152 Aug 'Northern Rattlesnake Venturer' 42 (NW) Brigade ACF California and Arizona, Trekking
1151 Aug 'OYT Scotland West Coast Challenge 2011' Phys Ed Branch Headquarters Air Cadets West Coast of Scotland, Western Isles., Offshore Sailing
1140 Aug 'Introduction To Alpine Mountaineering' HQ Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training Alpes Pennie, Mountaineering
1126 Aug 'Saimaa Challenge' 2511/ 228 Sqn ATC Saimaa Lakes, Finland, Trekking
1121 Aug 'Blue Dolomite' Oxford University OTC Italy- Dolomites, Mountaineering
1119 Aug 'Alpine Endeavour' East Midlands UOTC Alps, Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc, Mountaineering
1103 Aug 'Adriatic Adventurer' Shrewsbury School CCF Croatia , Sea Kayaking
1097 Aug 'Odyssey 2011' Tri-service Pyrenees, Rock Climbing/Trekking
1093 Aug 'Pyrenees Venturer' Cranbrook School CCF Pyrenees France, Mountaineering
1085 Aug 'Ventura Dragon Izzard' Hereford Cathedral School CCF Spanish Pyrenees, Mountaineering
1020 Aug 'Viking Trail' Edinburgh & South Scotland Wing Norway, Trekking
1175 Jul 'Cockle Shell Heroes' Guernsey ACF and Elizabeth College CCF River Gironde, Bordeaux, Canoeing
1173 Jul 'Broad Reach' Fany (Princess Royal Volunteer Corps) Gibraltar, Offshore Sailing
1165 Jul 'Alps' 1034 (Surbiton) Sqn ATC Switzerland - Valais, Trekking
1163 Jul 'Northern Spanish Steps' Liverpool College CCF Spanish Pyrenees, Mountaineering, DofE Gold
1145 Jul 'Wandering Wyverns' 155 (Wessex) Transport Rgt Cornwall, Trekking
1144 Jul 'Cockney Longwalk' 256 (City of London) Field Hospital (V) South France, Mountaineering
1142 Jul 'Cadet Austrian 3 Venturer (Tiger)' Royal Grammar School Guildford, CCF Austria, Pitztal, Canoeing/Rock Climbing
1139 Jul 'Canada Tiger Venturer' Pates Grammar School CCF Canada, Ontario,
1136 Jul 'Ariege Evasion' Essex Wing ATC French / Andorran Pyrenees, Trekking
1135 Jul 'Pyrenees' 633 (West Swindon) Sqn ATC Pyrenees, Trekking
1132 Jul 'Corsican Tiger 2' Bristol UOTC Northern Corsica, Mountaineering
1131 Jul 'Colac Dragon' 3 Royal Welsh Italy, Austria, Mountaineering
1130 Jul 'Cockney Gran Paradiso' 41 Princess Louise Italy, Gran Paradiso, Mountaineering
1122 Jul 'Bavaria Ascent' 103 Bn REME (V) Bavaria, Canoeing/Rock Climbing/Trekking
1114 Jul 'Northern Cutlers Challenge' Sheffield UOTC Switzerland, Italy, France, Mountaineering
1113 Jul 'Wey-Hey-Mouth' Hereford Sea Cadets Weymouth, Canoeing
1108 Jul 'Tigers Pyreneen Pinnacle Venturer' Kent ACF French Pyrenees, Trekking
1099 Jul 'Corse Venturer' Kelvinside Academy CCF Corsica, Mountaineering
1082 Jul 'Dragon Venturer Llandovery' Llandovery College CCF France - Alps, Trekking
1031 Jul 'Operation Aquarius' 177 (Blackpool Airport) Sqn ATC Ghana - Kings Village, Multi
1156 Jun 'Dragon Mountain Tack' 101 Fs Bn REME UK: Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis, Mountaineering / Offshore Sailing
1110 Jun 'Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge' Lordswood Boys School CCF Boston, Massachusetts, Canoeing/Rock Climbing/Trekking
1089 Jun 'Baidarka Explorer II' Llandovery College CCF British Columbia, - Canda, Canoeing/Mountaineering/Trekking
1133 May 'Operation Hush' 2443 (Okehampton) Sqn ATC UK, Mountaineering
1125 May 'Ventura Nowshera' Gloucestershire ACF Ariege, Midi Pyrenees, Multi
1111 May 'Pyrenean Eagle' West Mercian Wing, ATC Pyrenees, Trekking
1104 May 'Cadet Paddle' HQ Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training Ossau valley, French Pyrenees., Canoeing
1102 May 'Water Cockney' 21 SAS Malta, Diving
1092 May 'Cockney Mgoun Summit' DRT, HQ London District High Atlas Mountains, Morocco, Trekking
1117 Apr 'Phoenix Cockney Slide' 71 Signal Regiment (V) France, Skiing
1115 Apr 'Shamrock Pilgrim' 2 R Irish Northern Spain, Trekking
1106 Apr 'Solent Dragon Venturer' Selly Oak Trust School CCF Channel, Offshore Sailing
1105 Apr 'Channel Dragon Venturer' Lordswood Boys School CCF Channel, Offshore Sailing
1088 Apr 'Blue Innsbruck' Oxford University OTC Austria, Ski mountaineering
1087 Apr 'Nordic Challenge' Wycliffe College CCF Norway, Cross-country Skiing
1076 Apr 'Northern Alpine Warrior' Liverpool University OTC France, Skiing
1062 Apr 'Dragon Grouse' 37 Signal Regiment (V) Cairngorms, Skiing
1054 Apr 'Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger' Canford School CCF Norway, Ski Touring
1044 Apr 'Cockney Phoenix Annapurna' 71st (City of London) Yeo Sig Regt Nepal, Trekking
1042 Apr 'Viking Ski' Morrison’s Academy CCF Norway, Ski Touring
1036 Apr 'Northern Jacobite Venturer' Giggleswick School CCF Cairngorms, Trekking
1090 Mar 'Caribbean Endeavour - Leg 9' 5 Military Intelligence Bn (V) Windward Islands, Offshore Sailing
1086 Mar 'Cadet Wanderer 12' Glasgow & Lanarkshire Btn ACF Austria, Skiing
1048 Mar 'Dragon Telemark Ski' 63 (SAS) Signal Sqn (R) Norway, Ski Touring
1077 Feb 'Northern Challenge' 150 (Yorkshire) Transport Regiment RLC (V) Germany, Skiing
1074 Feb 'Thar Horizon' London Wing Air Cadets India, Trekking
1071 Feb 'Winter Venturer 5 (Tiger)' Royal Grammar School, Guildford CCF Germany, Skiing
1068 Feb 'Skicadet 1 and 2' CCAT Bavaria, Skiing
1067 Feb 'Skiccat' CCAT Bavaria, Skiing
1066 Feb 'Lynx Glacier 2' 39 Signal Regiment (V) Austria, Skiing
1063 Feb 'Alpine Slide' 4th Battalion Yorks S Germany, Skiing
1055 Feb 'Alpine Adventure' London Area Sea Cadets Germany, Snowshoeing
1040 Feb '152 Ski' 152 (U) Tpt Regt RLC (V) Germany, Skiing
1030 Feb 'Dragon Snowplough' 6 Rgt Army Air Corps Austria, Ski Touring
1079 Jan 'Canary Gold' 5 RRF Canaries, Offshore Sailing
1075 Jan 'Antarctic Odyssey' HQ ATG(A) Antarctica, Mountaineering
1051 Jan 'Northern Wanderer' Tayforth UOTC Norway, Ski Touring
1045 Jan 'Northern Geo Adventure' 32 Signal Regiment (V) France, Skiing
1043 Jan 'White Dragon' 104 Regt RA (V) Austria, Skiing
1037 Jan 'Phoenix Dragon' 101 FS Bn REME (V) France, Skiing
1009 Jan 'White Sentinel Tiger' 655 Sqn AAC (V) Aconcagua, Mountaineering
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