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2013 Expedition Reports

Where possible, new reports, and a selection of their pictures, will be added to the website. Click on the Expedition Name to see the report.

ID Date Expedition Name Unit Location, Type
1496 Dec 'Caribbean Wings' Marine Society & Sea Cadets Caribbean, Offshore Sailing
1546 Nov 'Himalayan Bugle Finn' 6 Rifles Everest Base Camp, Trekking
1539 Nov 'Cockney Sahara' HQ Londist DRT Morroco, Sahara Desert, Trekking
1531 Nov 'Caribbean Wings Leg 3' Grenada to St Lucia, Offshore Sailing
1537 Oct 'Cadet Rock' HQ CCAT Spain, Calpe, Rock Climbing
1528 Oct 'Maltese Depths' ATU (NE), YOTR & 38 Signal Regiment Malta, Diving
1527 Oct 'Northern Peak' 38 Signal Rgt (V) USA, Arizona , Trekking
1519 Oct 'Northern Polish Polka' Oldham Hulme GS CCF Tatra Mountains, Poland,
1502 Oct 'Thar Horizon II' 282 (East Ham) Sqn, ATC Rajasthan, India, Trekking
1498 Oct 'Cockney Deep Sea' HQ London District Malta, Diving
1431 Oct 'Southern Leopard' Reeds School CCF South Africa - Limpopo, Misc
1353 Oct 'Himalayan Tiger' 103 Btn REME Everest Region, Trekking
1530 Sep 'Cowab DofE' 2210 Cowley, 2121 Abingdon Sqns England, Wantage Area, Trekking
1529 Sep 'Dragon Vulcan EMU' East Midlands UOTC Iceland, Trekking
1520 Sep 'Cabot Skyfall' Bristol UOTC Skydive Pujaut, Avignon, France, Parachuting
1515 Sep 'Snowdonia Start' Gwent & Powys ACF Snowdonia, Rock Climbing
1514 Sep 'Blue Pala' Oxford UOTC Dolomites, Trekking, Rock Climbing
1513 Sep 'Abermenai Dragon' 3 Royal Welsh Anglesey, Lleyn Coast, Offshore Sailing
1485 Sep 'Blue Odin' North West OTC North Germany/ Denmark, Offshore Sailing
1437 Sep 'Southern Cross' Surrey ACF Western Australia - Perth, Trekking
1517 Aug 'Giant Tiger' Exeter UOTC Norway, Jotunheimen, Mountaineering
1510 Aug 'Northern Serpent Challenge' 2 Medical Brigade California, Nevada, Arizona, Mountaineering
1509 Aug 'Tartan Maltese' Universities of Glasgow & Strathclyde Air Sqn Gozo, Malta, Diving
1506 Aug 'Surrey District Summer Camp' Surrey District Sea Cadets Weymouth, Multi
1504 Aug 'Highland Fling' 46F (Kensington) Sqn, ATC Aviemore, Scotland, Multi Activity
1501 Aug 'Overseas to Pyrenees' SE Midlands Wing, ATC Pyrenees, Spain, Multi
1497 Aug 'Appalachian Finn' Queens UOTC Appalachian Trail, Trekking
1495 Aug 'Scarlet Mohican' 116, 242 Provost Coys (V) USA - Appalachian Trail (New York/New Jersey), Trekking
1494 Aug 'Dragon Alpenglow' 104 Regt RA(V) Germany, Bavaria, Austria, Inn Valley, Multi
1491 Aug 'Bavarian Wanderer' Tayforth UOTC Bavaria, Trekking
1490 Aug 'Alpine Wanderer' Tayforth UOTC France, Italy, Switzerland, Trekking
1489 Aug 'Llandovery Slovenia Dragon' Llandovery College CCF Slovenia - Julian Alps, Mountaineering
1487 Aug 'Northern Spinnaker Serpent' 2 Med Brigade Solent Area, Offshore Sailing
1482 Aug 'Cadet Alp' HQ CCAT Dolomites, Rock Climbing
1478 Aug 'Alpine Eldelweiss' West Mercian Wing ATC Switzerland, Trekking
1476 Aug 'Jungfrau Northern' Leeds UOTC Switzerland - Bernese Oberland, Mountaineering
1471 Aug 'Cockney Muir' 42 Engineer Rgt (Geo) John Muir Trail, California, Mountaineering
1459 Aug 'Tiger Venturer Spirit' Gloucestershire ACF Austria, Grossglockner, Mountaineering
1456 Aug 'Serpent Troll' 208 Field Hospital (V) Norway, Hovden Bykle, Mountaineering (Summer)
1447 Aug 'Northern Remec Manaslu' Trojan Sqn (DTUS), 299 Para Sqn & 73 Engr Regt Nepal. Manaslu Himal, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1444 Aug 'Dragon Corsican Adventure' Birmingham UOTC Corsica Gr20, Trekking
1430 Aug 'OYT Scotland West Coast Challenge' HQ Air Cadets Scotland & Western Isles, Offshore Sailing
1422 Aug 'Dragon Alpine EMU' East Midlands UOTC Switzerland, France & Italy, Mountaineering (Alpine)
1420 Aug 'Sea to Sky' 1331 (Stowmarket) Sqn ATC Canada, British Columbia, Multi Activity
1389 Aug 'Northern Bear' Northumbrian UOTC John Muir Trail, California, Trekking
1386 Aug 'Dragon Izzard' Hereford Cathedral School CCF Pyrenees - Aigues Tortes, Multi
1373 Aug 'Dragon Alpaca EMU' East Midlands UOTC Peru, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1508 Jul 'Annual Camp' Sea Cadets Isle of Wight, Multi
1505 Jul 'Dragon Venturer Oswestrian' Oswestry School CCF Switzerland, Bernese Oberland, Mountaineering (Alpine)
1480 Jul 'Escaping Tiger' Southampton UOTC Pyrenees, Trekking
1479 Jul 'River Spey Descent' Marine Society / Sea Cadets Paddlesport Team Scotland, Canoeing
1462 Jul 'Dragon Venturer Ecrin' Staffordshire & West Midlands ACF French Alpes - Ecrin, Multi
1458 Jul 'Red Dragon' No 3 Welsh Wing ATC Gibraltar, Diving/Other
1457 Jul 'Atlantic Guano (Black Buzo)' 4th Bn The Parachute Rgt (R) Lanzarote, Diving
1446 Jul 'NW Highlands Trek' Bravo Coy, Royal Marines Cadets, SC NW Area NW Highlands, Trekking
1433 Jul 'Atlantic Adventure - Leg 3' CCF - RN (cadets) Northern Spain / Bay Of Biscay / West Coast Of France, Offshore Sailing
1416 Jul 'Ardres' 218 (Rotherham) Sqn RAF Air Cadets France, Opal Coast, Multi Activity
1415 Jul 'Alps' 1034 (Surbiton) Sqn ATC Switzerland, Vallais Region, Trekking
1370 Jul 'Shrivenham Dolomia' Thunderer Squadron DTUS Frankenjura, Germany & Cortina Dampezzo, Dolomites, Rock Climbing
1367 Jul 'Brunei Jungle' Sutton Valence CCF Brunei, Malaysia, Multi
1493 Jun 'Northern Blue Juice' Multi Units Canary Islands, Diving
1481 Jun 'Cockney Haute Route' 256 (City of London) Field Hospital (V) Alps, Trekking
1470 Jun 'Stern Viper' 155 (Wessex) Transport Rgt RLC(V) UK - South Coast, Offshore Sailing
1438 Jun 'Black Viking' 4th Bn The Parachute Rgt Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway, Mountaineering
1424 Jun 'Tall Ships Challenger' Selly Oak Trust School CCF - RN Portsmouth, South Coast, Offshore Sailing
1407 Jun 'Boston Venturer' Lordswood Boys School CCF Boston, USA, Other - detail below
1465 May 'Flanders March' HMS Calliope Ypres - Belgium / France, Trekking
1461 May 'Cockney Ventura Invicta' SE London ACF Snowdonia, Multi
1451 May 'Green Finn' 152 (U) Tpt Regt RLC (V) Spain, Multi
1442 May 'Andreas Dragon' 3 Royal Welsh Cyprus, Offshore Sailing
1441 May 'Tiger Ventura Nowshera' Gloucestershire ACF - Gloscol Co France - Ariege, Midi Pyrenees, Multi
1436 May 'Ama Denali' East Midlands UOTC - 4 Para - Artists Rifles USA, Alaska Range, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1434 May 'Lochnagar Crater II' Rossett ACF Somme, France, Other
1378 May 'Northern Gibraltar Stallion' 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regt Gibraltar, Diving
1369 May 'Northern Toubkal Serpent' 201 Field Hospital Morocco, High Atlas Mountains, Mountaineering
1425 Apr 'Blackcat Khukri' 101 Engr Regt (EOD) Nepal - Mahalangur Range, Himalaya, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
1423 Apr 'Welsh Dragon - Gold' 82 (Wandsworth) SQN ATC Elan Valley, Mid Wales, Multi Activity
1412 Apr 'Nordic Challenge' Wycliffe College CCF Norway, Handangervidda, Skiing
1404 Apr 'Aquatic Endeavour' Cambridge UAS Island Of Gozo, Malta, Diving
1363 Apr 'Viking Ski Trek' Morrisons Academy CCF Hardangervidda Norway, Ski touring
1435 Mar 'Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon' Southampton UOTC Wiltshire, London, Canoeing
1429 Mar 'Dragon Venturer Oswestrian Training' Oswestry School CCF Scottish Highlands, Mountaineering (Winter)
1414 Mar 'Cadet Ice' Cadet Centre for AT Rjukan, Telemark, Norway, Mountaineering (Winter)
1413 Mar 'Northern Alpine Snow' North West Officer Training Regt France, Les Contimines, Ski Touring
1408 Mar 'Spanish Snow (Tiger) Venturer' Bradfield College CCF Pyrenees - Spain, Skiing
1405 Mar 'Blue Tour Austria' Oxford UOTC Austria, Silvretta and Hoch Tirol tours, Mountaineering /Skiing
1391 Mar 'Dragon Malta' Repton School CCF Malta & Gozo, Rock Climbing
1383 Mar 'Northern Jacobite Venturer' Giggleswick School CCF Scotland, Mammores, Mountaineering
1355 Mar 'White Centurion' 100 Regt RA(V) Austria, Mittersill, Skiing
1282 Mar 'Mountain Biking' Sea Cadet Corps - SW Area SW England and Wales, Misc
1428 Feb 'Caribbean 600 Campaign' Royal Yeomanry Antigua, Caribbean, Offshore Sailing
1410 Feb 'Cadet Odyssey NZ' Kent / Sussex Wings ATC South Island, New Zealand (Fjordland, Mt Cook), Canoeing/Mountaineering
1409 Feb 'Ski Cadet' Derbyshire ACF Germany, Ober Allgau, Skiing
1406 Feb 'Caribbean Comenius Venturer' Lordswood Boys School CCF St Martin, Caribbean, Diving
1400 Feb 'Diamond Sierra Blanca' 252 Pro Coy 5 RMP Spain, Calpe, Rock Climbing
1396 Feb 'Cadet Odyssey NZ' Kent / Sussex Wings ATC South Island, New Zealand (Fjordland, Mt Cook), Canoeing/Mountaineering
1393 Feb 'Cadet Odyssey 1 & 2' HQ Cadet Centre for AT Sonthofen, Ober Allgau, Southern Germany, Skiing
1387 Feb 'Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger' Canford School CCF Norway, Hovden, Cross Country Skiing
1365 Feb 'Ski Cadet' Derbyshire ACF Germany, Ober Allgau, Skiing
1354 Feb 'Northumbrian Zeus' Northumbria ACF Cyprus Dhekalia, Water Sports
1328 Feb 'Ski Lincs' Lincolnshire Battalion ACF Italy - Foppolo, Skiing
1326 Feb 'Snow Cadet' Norfolk ACF France, Flaine, Skiing
1394 Jan 'Bintumani Spirit' 10 Signal Regiment Sierra Leone, Mountaineering
1392 Jan 'Shenkin Dragon' 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh Northern Cairngorms, Scotland, Mountaineering/Skiing
1371 Jan 'Phoenix Dragon' 101 FS BN REME France - Massif et Park National de la Vanoise, Skiing
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