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2010 Expedition Reports

Where possible, new reports, and a selection of their pictures, will be added to the website. Some earlier reports are in the Archive. Click on the Expedition Name to see the report.

ID Date Expedition Name Unit Location, Type
1029 Oct 'Tiger Karakoram' Oxford University OTC, University of London OTC & 72 Engr Regt Himachal Pradesh, India, Mountaineering
1026 Oct 'Intsail (Tiger)' Intelligence Corp Croatia, Adriatic Sea, Offshore Sailing
964 Oct 'Jinn Badiya' 241 Sqn ATC Sultanate Of Oman, Muscat, Trekking/Other - detail below
905 Oct 'Dragon Venturer Eagle' Derbyshire ACF Nepal, Khumbu, Mountaineering, Trekking
1025 Sep '499 Padi' 499 Port Talbot Squadron ATC Spain - Alicante, Diving
1023 Sep 'Wandering Wyverns' 155 (Wessex) Transport Regt Devon, Trekking
1021 Sep 'Venturer Red Tiger' Bristol, Devon, Glamorgan and Somerset ACFs Spain, Los Picos National Park, Multi
1019 Sep 'Western Stretch' 7th Battalion The Rifles Devon, Multi-activity
1017 Sep 'Mulberry Paddle' 165 Port Regt RLC(V) Alberta, Canoeing
1022 Aug 'Dolpo 10' HQ Air Cadets Nepal, Upper Dolpo Region, Trekking
1016 Aug 'Cockney Grande Randonee' 256 (City of London) Field Hospital Mont Blanc Tour, Mountaineering
1011 Aug 'Alpine Challenge' Wycliffe College CCF Austria, Mountaineering
1008 Aug 'Freedom Drift' Bristol UOTC Solent, Sailing
1001 Aug 'Lung Buster' Oxford University Air Sqn Alps, Haute Route, Mountaineering
999 Aug 'Dragon Venturer Ardeche' Cadet Centre for AT France, Canoeing
997 Aug 'Dragon Venturer Ecrin' Cadet Centre for AT France, Mountaineering
996 Aug 'Northern Cutlers Challenge' Sheffield OTC Dolomites, Rock Climbing
994 Aug 'Northern Icelandic Venturer' Queen Ethelburgas College CCF Iceland, Mountaineering
969 Aug 'Dragon Salty Spray' East Midlands UOTC UK, France, Offshore Sailing
967 Aug 'Cockney Oceanic' University Of London OTC UK to Portugal, Offshore Sailing
957 Aug 'Norway Challenge' HQ Air Cadets. North Sea, Offshore Sailing
1015 Jul 'Alps' 1034 (Surbiton) Sqn ATC Switzerland, Valais, Trekking
1004 Jul 'Freedom Tiger' Bristol UOTC Pyrenees, France, Mountaineering
1003 Jul '(Tiger) Shrivenham Bethesda' Taurus Sqn, DTUS Snowdonia, Canoeing/Mountaineering (Summer)
989 Jul 'Northern Mountain Warrior III' Liverpool University OTC Bavaria, Tyrol, Mountaineering /Trekking
986 Jul 'Tall Ships Leg 4' University of London OTC N Sea, Channel, Offshore Sailing
985 Jul 'Cockney Trident Adventure' 151 (London) Transport Regiment North Wales, Multi Activity
979 Jul 'UK Coast to Coast' 211 (Newbury) Sqn ATC East Coast to West Coast, Trekking
972 Jul 'Cockney Blue Calypso' UL OTC Malta & Gozo, Diving
939 Jul 'BSES Arctic Adventure' 617 (Heber) Sqn ATC, West Mercian Wing ATC Svalbard (Norway), Mountaineering
930 Jul 'Canford Alpine Venturer Tiger' Canford School CCF France, Mountaineering
926 Jul 'Ace Canada' Pate's Grammar School CCF Ontario, Canoeing
920 Jul 'Cadet 150 Lesotho' HQ LF Cadets Lesotho, Trekking
919 Jul 'Tiger Splash 3 Venturer' Surrey ACF Red Sea, Diving
917 Jul 'Belize' Sutton Valence CCF Belize, Trekking
998 Jun 'Iron Mountain (Tiger)' Bristol University OTC Italian Dolomites, Via Ferrata
991 Jun 'Northern Edelweiss' Northumbria University OTC Switzerland - Valais, Mountaineering
956 Jun 'Transglobe Leg 13' Headquarters Air Cadets Atlantic, Offshore Sailing
955 May 'Transglobe Leg 12' Headquarters Air Cadets Atlantic, Offshore Sailing
954 May 'Transglobe Leg 11' Headquarters Air Cadets Atlantic, Offshore Sailing
947 Apr 'Tropics Eagle' 65, 86, 2384 Sqns ATC Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia, Multi Activity
907 Apr 'Ski Viking Trek 3' Morrisons Academy CCF Norway, Skiing
950 Mar 'Transglobe Leg 9' CV HQ RA Uruguay, Brazil, Antigua, Offshore Sailing
943 Mar 'Makalu Barun' 16 Close Support Medical Regiment and York UAS Nepal - Makalu, Mountaineering (High Altitude)
929 Mar 'Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger' Canford School CCF Norway, Hardangervidda Plateau, Cross-Country Skiing
912 Mar 'Nordic Venturer (Tiger)' Bradfield College CCF Haugastol - Southern Norway, Ski Touring
935 Feb 'Cockney Slider' 101 Engr Regt EOD France, Skiing
928 Feb 'Tiger Winter Venturer' RGS, Guildford CCF Bavaria, Mountaineering, Skiing
902 Feb 'Alpine Adventure' London Area Sea Cadets Bavarian Allgau, Snow Shoeing & Skiing
927 Jan 'Snowy Dragon' 170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp Morzine, France, Skiing
914 Jan 'Lynx Glacier' 39 (Skinners) Signal Regiment (V) Kitzsteinerhor - Austria, Skiing
908 Jan 'Winter Freedom' Oxford and Southampton UAS French Alps, Skiing
900 Jan 'Dragon Snowplough' 6 Regt Army Air Corps (volunteers) Austria, Stubai, Skiing
787 Jan 'Transglobe Leg 7' 71 (Y) Signal Regiment Hobart - Auckland, Offshore Sailing
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