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2006 Expedition Reports

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ID Date Expedition Name Unit Location, Type
392 Sept 2006 White Way Up Southern Area Sea Cadets North Wales, White Water
369 Sept/Oct 2006 Precious Air Dragon Joint Service (TA and RMR) Tibet, Mountaineering
313 Sept 2006 Canadian Beaver HQ2 (Multi-National) Logistic Spt Gp Alberta, Canada, Trekking
358 Sept 2006 Northern Exposure II Scottish Transport Regt RLC (V) Norway, Rock Climbing
343 Aug/Sept 2006 York Peninsular Norfolk and Suffolk Wg ATC Northern Queensland, Exploration
350 July/Sept 2006 Alpine Dragon 35 Sigs Regt (V) Chamonix, Alpine Activities
254 June/July 2006 Dragon Row Territorial Army North Atlantic, Solo Rowing
327 August 2006 Blue Viking Tiger Oxford University OTC Norway, Mountaineering
319 July 2006 Pouncing Tiger Thunderer Sqn Swiss Alps, Mountaineering / Climbing
352 July 2006 Northern Aoraki Serpent 243 Field Hospital (V) New Zealand, Ski-touring
201 July 2006 Rock Ape II RMR City of London Bavarian Alps, Multi-Activity
296 July 2006 'Kilimanjaro' 2349 Ballymena, 833 Squadrons ATC Tanzania, Mountaineering
356 June/July 2006 Purple Dragon Oxford University OTC California, Rock-Climbing (Big Walling)
341 July/Aug 2006 Baltic Emu East Midlands University OTC Baltic, Off-shore Sailing
351 June 2006 'Lyngen Dragon' 3(V)MI Bn Norway, Snow-Trekking
261 April 2006 'Nordic Venturer (Tiger)' Various Schools CCFs Norway, Cross-country Skiing
258 April 2006 Nordic Venture IV' Wycliffe College CCF Norway, Cross-country Skiing
241 March 2006 Northern Beaver 75 Engr Regt (V) Alberta, Cross-country Skiing
294 April 2006 Arctic Tiger Southampton University OTC Greenland, Winter mountaineering
255 April 2006 Kwa-Zulu Tiger 36 (Eastern) Signals Regiment South Africa, Trekking
303 Feb 2006 Blue Hardangervidda Oxford University OTC Norway, Nordic Ski-touring
282 March 2006 Snow Eagle London Wing Air Training Corps Swiss Alps, Ski-mountaineering
280 Feb/Mar 2006 Pyrenean Dragon Honourable Artillery Company Pyrenees, Ski-mountaineering
276 March 2006 Lynx Mountain Dragon IV 39th Signal Regiment (Volunteer) Costa Blanca, Spain, Rock-climbing
275 Feb 2006 Von Trapp Dragon 37 Signal Regiment (V) Austria, Nordic & Alpine Skiing
246 Jan 2006 Cockney Owl 135 Indep Geo Sqn RE(V) Austria, Skiing
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