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2005 Expedition Reports

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ID Date Expedition Name Unit Location, Type
177 Dec 2005 ‘Northern Volta Serpent’ 208 Field Hospital (V) Ghana, Canoeing
247 Nov 2005 'Atlantic Challenge’ Bristol UOTC Atlantic, Rowing
237 Nov 2005 'Bedouin Dragon IV' 243 Wessex Field Hospital (V) Red Sea, Diving
225 Sept 2005 ‘Stag Wave’ Southampton University Air Squadron Turkey, Diving and Sailing
150 Sept 2005 'Southern Cross' Surrey Army Cadet Force W Australia, Bush Survival
231 Sept 2005 ‘Northern Sequoia’ 42nd (North West) Brigade Mount Whitney, USA, Climbing
212 Sept 2005 ‘Pyrenees Paths’ 600 (City of London) Squadron RAuxAF Pyrenees, Trekking
194 Aug 2005 ‘Northern Midnight Sun’ Northumbrian University OTC Iceland, Trekking
193 Aug 2005 ‘Steppes Eagle' Middlesex, Herts & Bucks Wings of ATC Mongolia, Trekking (Foot and Horse)
249 Aug 2005 ‘Norfolk Venturer 20 (Tiger)’ Norfolk Army Cadet Force South Africa, Trekking and Survival
223 Aug 2005 ‘SW Area Summer Camp’ SW Area Sea Cadets Recreation Branch Wales, Multi-activity
221 Aug/Sept 2005 ‘Celtic Fringe’ 4626 (AE) Squadron RAuxAF Scottish Isles, Sailing
185 Aug 2005 ’RMR Ironman’ RMR City of London UK, Endurance Event
128 Aug 2005 ‘Blue Nights' Oxford UOTC Iceland, Trekking
174 Aug/Sept 2005 ‘Osprey Explorer’ MP Branch, HQ ARRC, BFP 40 Great Barrier Reef, Diving
140 Aug 2005 ‘Hammerhead Emu’ East Midlands UOTC Egypt, Diving
186 July/Aug 2005 ‘JSCF East Africa’ Joint Services Cadet Forces Kenya, Multi-activity
227 July 2005 ‘Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award’ Tamworth and Lichfield Sea Cadets Great Glen, Sailing
210 July/Aug 2005 ‘Troll Dragon’ Birmingham UOTC Norway, Trekking
144 July/Aug 2005 ‘Alaskan Voyage’ RMR London Alaska / Canada, Kayaking
167 June/July 2005 ‘Northern Serpent Challenge’ HQ 2nd Medical Brigade SW USA, Trekking
126 July 2005 ‘55Ft Emu Challenger’ East Midlands UOTC English Channel, Sailing
173 July 2005 ‘Arctic Blue’ Cambridge UOTC Greenland, Trekking and Climbing
203 June 2005 ‘Inca Trail’ DTUS Support Unit (Newcastle) Peru, Trekking
147 June/Aug 2005 ‘Sea Dragon’ Exeter UOTC Round UK, Sailing
96 June/July 2005 ‘Bourne Northern’ Sheffield UOTC South Africa, Trekking
188 July 2005 ‘Offshore’ Coventry Sea Cadets Gosport, Sailing
170 June 2005 ‘Bavarian Endeavour’ 31st (City of London) Signal Regt (Volunteers) Bavarian Alps, Multi-Activity
179 June 2005 ‘Shrivenham Ascent’ DTUS Support Unit French Alps, Mountaineering
113 March 2005 ‘Snow Eagle’ 27F Chingford Squadron ATC Switzerland, Alpine
129 Mar/Apr 2005 ‘Hardanger Tiger’ Bedford School CCF Norway, Nordic Skiing
82 Feb 2005 ‘Alpine Express’ London Area Sea Cadets Bavaria, Snow Activities
93 Jan 2005 ‘Spartan Hike’ 21 SAS(R) French Alps, Nordic Skiing
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