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2004 Expedition Reports

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ID Date Expedition Name Unit Location, Type
- Aug/Sept 2004 ‘Annapurna Emu’ East Midlands UOTC Nepal, Mountaineering
21 July 2004 ‘Alpine Paddle’ Joint Services France, Kayaking
- August 2004 ‘Ecuador Explorer’ 241 Squadron (Wanstead & Woodford) Air Cadets Ecuador, Multi-Activity
40 Sept 2004 'Maple Dragon' Birmingham University OTC Alberta, Multi-Activity
65 August 2004 'Mountain Blue' CUOTC Chamonix, Mountaineering
45 July 2004 'Alpine Meet' Joint Services Mountaineering Association Switzerland, Mountaineering
50 July 2004 ‘Canadian Caribou Canoe’ Birmingham University Royal Naval Unit Canada, Canoeing
42 Aug 2004 ‘Dragon Venturer Star’ Staffordshire and West Midlands (North Sector) ACF Bavaria, Trekking, Kayaking, White Water Rafting
35 July 2004 'Paccard’s Dragon' 3rd (Vol) Military Intelligence Battl. Alps, Mountaineering
- July 2004 ‘Mercurial Dagon’ 39 Signal Regiment (V) Baltic, Offshore Sailing
49 Jul/Aug 2004 'Northern Cobra’ Tayforth UOTC Uganda, Trekking, Building
- June/July 2004 ‘Northern Serpent Challenge’ HQ 2nd Medical Brigade Trekking, SW USA
- June 2004 'Northern Plunge' 33 Signals Regiment Spain, Diving
31 June 2004 ‘Plonger Normandie’ Naval Air Command Sub Aqua Club Normandy, Diving
- Feb 2004 ‘Northern Horcones’ 103rd (The Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) Regiment RA(V) Argentina, Mountaineering
- Jan 2004 'Caribbean Endeavour' Air Branch, Royal Naval Reserve Antigua, Sailing
- Jan/Feb 2004 'Mulas Dragon' 21 Signal Regiment Argentina, Mountaineering
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