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Applying for a Grant

Eligibility and Levels of Grants

All Volunteer Reserve Forces units (including University Units) and Cadets are eligible. Exceptionally grants will be made to individuals, particularly where it can be shown that an appropriate unit expedition is not readily available and that there will be long term benefit to the unit. In the case of Cadets, individuals going on approved civilian run cadet expeditions will be supported through a Cadet HQ or association. Examples of civilian organisations likely to be approved are: British Schools Exploring Society, Outposts, Raleigh International, Trekforce and World Challenge.

In the past, grants have ranged from 1,500 for major expeditions involving larger numbers to 500 for less ambitious ventures and smaller numbers. Occasionally, larger sums, for instance 10,000 or more, have been made to major expeditions, though for these it is essential to discuss them with the Hon Secretary and apply a year ahead.

Making an Application

Applications must be made through the Ulysses Trust Website.

Click here for the Grant Application Form
Click here for Advice on applying for a Grant
Click here for Additional and separate help for individuals

For expedition enquiries, please contact:

The Ulysses Trust Hon Operations Director,
Wing Commander Roy McCluskey,
Tel: 0208 409 0255

Post-Expedition Initial Short Report

The report should be sent within a month of returning from the expedition. The key points are to:

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